Looks like I’m a blogger now!

Hello person who I can only assume is charming and fantastical for somehow typing this address into that bar at the top of your browser (if it’s not a search bar, then what is it called?????)! That’s a weirdly random yet specific address to type in… huh. Good job though; you have come across the blog of someone who frankly has no idea what he/she (YOU DUN NEED TO KNOW ME GENDER) is doing on a blog site. Promising, right?


^(that was surely your response I just know it)

Anyway, your mental reading voice can call me Chris, because that’s my name. Not my full name, just the gender-neutral abbreviated version that many people in me life call me. 🙂

I’m only talking about meself here because it’s me first post, and apparently I be a pirate occasionally. Arrgg, bitches wonderful citizens. No really though I’m just trying to introduce myself (very limitedly of course, but this isn’t about me. This is about ranting about everything that bothers me. So, yeah. It kind of is about me.

I like to rant about atheism, M theory, politics, people’s terrible tastes in everything these days (CERIALLY), and my hopefully very convincing defenses of my views on various social issues.

So, I guess what I’m doing here is using this as a ranting platform.

AND apparently I’m blogging now.

See what I did there? *eye brow raises*

Thanks for putting up with the poor quality of this post. It is the very first blog post of me life, and I like to use parentheses far too often 🙂 

UNA COSA MÁS: that camera on the top of the page has nothing to do with anything. It’s just what I use to spy on everybody who accidentally lands on this website.

Your soon-to-be favorite perpetually confused yet opinionated  blogger,


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